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Hi and thanks for dropping by! 

My name is Helen and I live and work in rural Fife. My little card business grew during lockdown when I needed something to take my mind off the woes of the world. 


I adore colour and the carded wool that I make the felted cards out of could not be more colourful! 


Over the last few years I've created little 3D animals and other objects but my heart lies with the cards. I love that I can pass them on to happy customers who often tell me that they frame them afterwards. 


All my cards are handmade and no two are identical. I finish all of them off with hand printed stamps. ​

I often felt what I'm interested in or love - dogs, sheep and wild swimming are definitely in my top favourites. But what I particularly love is getting being asked to create a special card for someone. I get some ideas, likes and interests, sometimes some photos.

Last year I created a card of someone dressed in cycling gear sitting next to a Womble eating jam,...this wouldn't mean anything to anyone but the giver and the receiver.  This is why I have made this website - to give you some ideas os the sort of cards I can make and you can send. Unique cards hold special memories. 
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